Resmetirom Set to Become New Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease

Posted By Author on March 20, 2024

The medical world has begun to turn on its axis as the introduction of a new drug could lead to treatment and relief for patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) liver disease. 

The FDA is set to approve – or reject – the new pharmaceutical drug in the coming weeks, so keep reading to find out what we know about Resmetirom so far, and what the future holds for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). 

What We Know about Resmetirom So Far

Resmetirom is an oral medication that utilizes the thyroid hormone receptor-B selective agonist to specifically target liver function. Since the early 70s, intrahepatic hypothyroidism has been recognized for its driving role in progressing NAFLD to NASH with liver fibrosis. 

Studies have shown that thyroid hormone receptor-B, or THR-B, can help reduce liver fat inflammation while simultaneously lowering cholesterol. 

Madrigal Pharmaceuticals is currently undergoing clinical trials of Resmetirom to determine its safety and usefulness in treating NASH. 

Recently, Madrigal concluded phase 3 in its MAESTRO-NASH clinical trial, which was met with positive results. 

According to Stephen Harrison, MD, of Pinnacle Clinical Research in San Antonio at the European Association for the Study of Liver Congress, “This is the first treatment to achieve meaningful effects on both primary liver endpoints and [to be] reasonably likely to produce clinical benefit with these NASH patients.” 

What Happens Next? 

To be approved by the FDA, two goals needed to be met that showed the likelihood of benefitting from Resmetirom if it were to enter the market. The goals include: 

  • NASH resolution with no worsening of liver fibrosis 
  • Reduction of fibrosis with no worsening of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Given the positive findings of the trial, the FDA is set to decide in the coming weeks, and the future is looking bright and hopeful.


It’s easy to get lost in the acronyms of liver disease, but our gastroenterology specialists are here to help clear up the confusion! 

What is NAFLD? 
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition where fat builds up in your liver, most commonly seen in those struggling with obesity or conditions related to obesity such as diabetes. 

About 24% of adults in the United States are diagnosed with NAFLD, making it one of the most common liver diseases in the U.S. 

What is NASH? 
NASH is a form of NAFLD where, in addition to excess buildup of fat, there is also liver inflammation and liver damage present. The inflammation and damage can result in scarring of the liver, also known as fibrosis. 

NASH may also lead to cirrhosis, where the liver is scarred and permanently damaged. 

NAFLD Diagnosis and Treatment
With the help of one of our Charleston GI doctors, we will examine your medical history, conduct a physical exam, and perform tests to diagnose NAFLD and NASH. 

As we wait to determine if the FDA approves the new treatment for fatty liver disease, doctors will continue to focus on lifestyle changes to help reduce and reverse the effects of NAFLD. 

In complications of NASH, minor procedures or surgery may be done to help restore health to the liver. 

Stay Up to Date on Resmetirom with Charleston GI

The FDA is set to make its decision on Resmetirom on March 14, so stay up to date on the new treatment for NAFLD with our GI doctors in Charleston, SC! 

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