From the moment of introduction, Dr. Irions made me feel like a valued participant in my own healthcare. His approach was not only professional but also deeply compassionate, treating me as he would a family member. Dr. Irions never shied away from discussing the possibilities openly and honestly. His intelligence and expertise were evident in our conversations, reassuring me that I was in capable hands. What truly set Dr. Irions apart was his holistic approach to patient care. He took the time to address my concerns and answer all of my questions, demonstrating a genuine interest in both my well-being and my understanding of the situation. I am grateful for Dr. Irions guidance and support. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone in need of a highly skilled gastroenterologist. Dr. Irions truly embodies the essence of exceptional healthcare and I am fortunate to have been under his care.

Charleston, SC

My experience with Dr. Irions was one of the best I have ever had with a physician. He is knowledgeable, pleasant, and a true professional. The colonoscopy procedure was uneventful, and I did not experience any side effects. Upon returning for my follow-up visit, Dr. Irions patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions regarding the colonoscopy test results.

Juanita R
Charleston, SC

Dr. Irions’ “bedside” manner is remarkable … One leaves Dr. Irions with the sense of being his one and only patient! A gift!

Charleston, SC

I just wanted to thank Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff for taking such great care of me yesterday! I couldn’t have asked for better care. Thank you again!


I had a colonoscopy this morning and I want to thank Dr Gourdine and Dr Phillips for their attention and professionalism, but I especially want to commend the nurses who did the prep work … I know it was routine for them but I felt as if I was the only one there.


I had a colonoscopy this week with Dr. Gourdin. Everyone was wonderful … felt like I was visiting with friends.


CGI is the BEST Doctor and staff I’ve encountered down here. I recommend you to everyone. I don’t give out ‘Very Goods’ easily, but you earned it.

Patient of Dr. Marsteller

They are the most caring and supportive team any patient with long term care needs (or short term) could possibly ask for. I am eternally grateful that they go out of their way to ensure quality care for every patient.

Katie B.
Johns Island

I have found Dr. Smith to be courteous, kind, caring and competent. I have not met a physician in years who displayed his level of professionalism and genuine warmth. I could not recommend Dr. Smith more highly.


Everyone was very efficient and I give my doctor, Dr. Brener, an A+.

Patient in
North Charleston

Wish all other doctors and hospitals were as excellent as yours.

Meggett, SC

Great experience, fast and discreet … Absolutely no discomfort and my nervousness left as soon as I walked into the office. Job well done Dr. Irions.

Patient in

The best GI group. Dr. Basile is exceptional. Rest of staff is 1st rate!


Dr. Gourdin and his team were outstanding!!! Very caring and made the process stress free!


Loved the facility, the nurses (especially Mandra), and of course my doctor, Dr. Eddie Irions.


Dr Lawrence is excellent. Brilliant, professional, very kind and caring. Anesthesiologist was very kind and caring and I felt completely safe in trusting her to take care of me. Nurses and staff are really great. New facility was like a spa with the warm blankets and caring staff. Really nice, clean and comfortable. The socks wand warm blanket were really nice and appreciated. Please let Dr. Lawrence know he is the best .


I was so scared to have the colonoscopy after my past horrible experience. The experience was very comfortable and easy. Dr. Noble and staff were wonderful.


Thank you for taking such good care of me Dr. Royall


Everyone was so caring and nice and the doctors and nurses and other staff made me feel so comfortable. Thank you to everyone – Dr. Schatz and Dr. Wimberly, you are the best.


Nursing staff, anesthesiologist and Dr. Shores were all very friendly, empathetic and professional. Thank you all for your good work and making the procedure much more comfortable.