Busted! Gut Health Myths Debunked

Posted By Author on April 17, 2024

Rumors can start to swirl when it comes to celebrities, workplace drama, and…gut health?

More people have begun to notice that understanding their digestive system is the key to their overall health and well-being. This new understanding, however, has also led to many misconceptions and falsehoods flooding areas of truth. So, when scouring the internet for information on improving gut health, how do you distinguish facts from fallacies? 

Our Charleston GI doctors are here to help! Keep reading as we address the leading rumors about your gut health and the truth behind the most common GI health misconceptions.

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Myth #1: You should have at least one bowel movement every day

The topic of what you do in the bathroom is one that many shy away from – and for fair reason.

Discussing your bowel movements with friends or colleagues does not exactly keep the crowd coming back for more. This taboo topic has therefore been shrouded in misinformation, with the belief that you should be taking a number two every day. 

While pooping every day is normal, experiencing bowel movements three times a week is also considered normal. Patterns vary based on diet, hydration, activity level, stress levels, and age. A good rule of thumb is the “3 and 3” rule, which means that taking a pit stop in the bathroom anywhere from 3 times a day to 3 times a week is normal. 

Myth #2: A colon cleanse is beneficial for proper gut health and releasing toxins out of the body

We’ve all heard about the miracle smoothies or the popular juice cleanses that possess the power to directly remove toxins from the body. Lucky for us, there are highly skilled and dedicated professionals removing toxins every day – the liver and kidneys! 

Your colon naturally builds beneficial bacteria and microbes to guard against infection and keep your digestive system healthy and moving!

Myth #3: Food intolerance tests are key to diagnosing GI tract issues

Food intolerance is another word for food sensitivity. It means your body has difficulty breaking down certain foods, such as those experiencing lactose intolerance, leading to uncomfortable symptoms like gas and diarrhea. While certain tests are packaged with the idea of diagnosing food insensitivities, there is a lack of scientific evidence to back them up.

GI tract issues can be frustrating to diagnose, but you don’t have to do it alone. Schedule an appointment with one of our gastroenterology specialists at Charleston GI to help narrow down GI symptoms and develop a personalized health plan for you. 

Myth #4: Supplements are a necessity for positive gut health 

Health influencers and coaches alike will swear that supplements are the key to good gut health. But this is not the case, at least, not for everyone! Everyone should be able to get all of the daily nutrients they need through a balanced diet. 

If you have a diet that meets your nutritional needs and daily values, there is no need to turn to supplements. However, some people have a nutrient deficiency and may not realize it. Nutrient deficiencies can have severe consequences for your gut health, so it’s important to work on changes to your diet before turning to supplements for help. 

Myth #5: Stomach bloating comes down to what we eat and consume 

Just like an onion, there are many layers to pull back when it comes to your gut health, particularly bloating. Before focusing on specific foods to cut out of your diet, start focusing on other factors. 

Splitting food into smaller portions, avoiding tight clothing, and checking in with GI doctors near you can help rule out underlying causes that may have nothing to do with the food you’re eating.

 If you find yourself struggling with stomach bloating, check out how to beat the bloat from our board-certified gastroenterologists. 

Let Us Help You Debunk Your Digestive Health Issues at Charleston GI

At our Charleston gastroenterology clinic, we understand how tempting it can be to scour the internet for gut health resources to help you on your way to a healthier, happier you. With myths intertwined with truth, it can be hard to distinguish between what is true and what is false–but that’s why we’re here! 

Our highly skilled GI doctors in Charleston, SC are here to help with any concerns regarding your gut health, helping to diagnose underlying GI diseases and finding a treatment plan that works best for you. 

Come see us at one of our four convenient Charleston area locations – in West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, and Carnes Crossroads.

Charleston GI doctors are ready five days a week to offer you medical relief. There’s no referral needed, so schedule an appointment today!

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