Charleston GI Offers Innovative New Fecal Incontinence Treatment

For those living with fecal incontinence, also known as bowel incontinence, a bathroom always has to be within easy reach. Not being able to sense or control a bowel movement often means missing many life activities others take for granted. The fear of needing to make an urgent trip to the bathroom, or worse, having an accidental leak, is constantly on the mind of those with this condition, which is most commonly caused by injury from childbirth, nerve damage, advanced age or congenital disorders.

Previous treatments for fecal incontinence have included painful procedures and powerful medications, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Now Charleston GI offers InterStim Therapy, a treatment that is both highly effective and virtually painless. It is already offering many patients fewer accidents, greater peace of mind and a better quality of life. InterStim Therapy was featured in a recent Lowcountry Lifestyle interview with Charleston GI gastroenterologist, Dr. Nathan Shores. Click here to listen.

If you think that the InterStim Therapy could work for you, don’t suffer in silence a moment longer. Call Charleston GI at 843-722-8000 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.